User Experience
Journey Mapping


UX maps can get our clients on the course from insight to action because action driven by insight can help shape the user experience.


Every organization should improve their users’ experiences. User Experience (UX) Journey Mapping is a design approach that helps organizations gain insight into the needs and wants of their target audience. The user experience is just that, an in depth look into how an organization’s end users experience its delivery of products or services over a period of time.


Sierra Learning Solutions helps organizations create UX Journey Maps to understand its users’ points of view, including their actions, thoughts, and feelings, with the ultimate goal of enhancing their experience. We guide organizations through four critical activities.


We find it’s useful to work with the full team – from clients, customers, consultants, researchers, and some users – to best understand the goals of mapping, set boundaries around the process, and collect data.

Open Up the Empathy

Empathy, the ability to understand and share the feelings of others, is a key mindset in design thinking and a critical component of understanding and depicting the user experience. We help our clients leverage empathy.

Map Building

The visuals that result from UX Journey Mapping are great communication and insight tools. We help our clients uncover the stories that exist between the lines of text and data, and decide how they can best be expressed. Stories are better communication tools than bullets and data tables.

Intervention Design

Great maps need little explanation, but most maps require some additional context to make good sense of them. Improvement requires change and it is a good idea to follow up the mapping process with a set of recommendations, an action plan, or even more detailed process or product improvement details.