Implementation Through
Expedition Mapping


We ensure skill building is an integral part of the development of expedition maps. We help to develop the capacity of individuals, teams, and organizations as part of expedition mapping expected outcomes. As a result, our clients see improvements in annual and quarterly action planning; smarter resourcing and budgeting; and increased capacities for growth and development. They are better able to stay agile and respond to changing conditions; get people on board and keep them focused; and track success and adapt to changing environmental conditions.


Strategy fails most often at the handoff from crafting to implementing. We help leaders prepare their organizations to successfully implement their plans using expedition mapping. Smart leaders who know that change is hard turn to Sierra Learning Solutions for help getting everyone in the organization engaged and focused. Expedition mapping is a tool to help organizations take charge of their own futures.


Sierra Learning Solutions uses expedition mapping to help clients achieve difficult goals and reach what may seem like unreachable destinations. This powerful new method for strategic implementation blends storytelling, action planning, resource analysis, and adaptive, ongoing environmental scanning. Using a mix of face-to-face and online collaborative activities, we help stakeholders discover what they need to do in order to make a successful journey to the future.

Execute Strategy

Expedition maps are built through collective, participatory processes. While express expedition maps can be built over a few days with leadership teams or in retreat formats, more effective and complete mapping can take several weeks and create value for months. We can guide you through this process.