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Business Model Innovation


The value of innovation and new revenue generation is tremendous. We help organizations generate the precise value they need at the time they need it.


Every organization needs to regularly evaluate, improve, and innovate their business models. Innovation generally includes three components: (1) creating something new or using something in a novel way, (2) putting the idea into practice, and (3) generating value through the implementation. Business model innovation, on the other hand, entails generating new business models and taking action to implement them in such a way that value is created for the organization, constituents, stakeholders, customers, society, and other interested parties.


Sierra Learning Solutions employs Alex Osterwalder’s Business Model Canvas to help clients visualize and improve their current business models as well as create new revenue streams.

  • Expeditionary Strategy Crafting
    Applying design thinking to strategy crafting brings new tools to a critical organizational need and requires four stages in the design process. These distinct but highly interdependent stages provide a sound foundation for a large variety of possible planning tools and experiences. Often lasting three to twelve months or more, what results is a clear roadmap for implementation and a fully engaged organization.
  • Problem-Based Design
    When a clear, or even hazy, problem is the center of the task at hand, we employ our six-stage innovation approach that includes collaborative design; discovery and assessment; divergent thinking and ideation; convergent planning, selecting; prototyping; and implementation, tracking, and adjusting course.
  • Traditional Strategic Planning
    We customize solutions to meet each client’s needs by drawing on proven approaches from long-range scenario planning, to action planning, to designing competitive advantage.
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