Innovation from 
Idea to Implementation


Our clients experience new ideas, new revenue, and new impact as they transform processes, products, services, and experiences through innovation.


Innovation should be a core competency of every organization, but becomes especially important to organizational navigating an uncertain future. Innovating, most concisely defined as “ideas to valuable action”, is the ability to generate new ideas, put them into action, and create value. Innovation is a key driver of organizational transformation. We contend that all organizations should seek to strengthen themselves to match their purpose.


Sierra Learning Solutions provides multiple services across the innovation spectrum. We guide organizations through three phases: generating ideas, moving to action, and creating value.

Generate Ideas

Ideation, or the generation of ideas, may seem simple, but in reality it is highly complex and specialized activity consisting of six general stages: prepare, stimulate, offer, capture, build, and conclude. We help our clients move seamlessly through each stage, planning and leading group activities to generate ideas, build on them progressively, and capture and communicate the outcomes of ideation.

Move to Action

Without action, generating ideas is merely an exercise in creativity. It is important to take the best ideas and put them in play, then modify the ideas to adjust and improve the outcomes over time. We help our clients organize action to implement and test ideas, prototype processes to test and refine ideas, and learn by doing to improve the impact of implementing ideas.

Create Value

Ultimately, the point is creating value for the customer or end-user, as well as for those within the organization itself. We help our clients create and understand the value propositions for every stakeholder group, monitor and optimize value creation across all actions and efforts, and redesign innovation to maximize value generation.