Aligning Values
and culture


By defining and aligning individual, team, and organizational values we help drive the behaviors an organization needs to move forward and shift organizational culture along the way.


Culture and strategy have a long and messy history. As management guru Peter Drucker noted, Culture Eats Strategy for Breakfast. Without attending to an organization’s culture, all of the good work of strategy crafting can turn back on itself, leaving us at the starting gate. If your culture is limiting your progress and success, it is time to focus on culture, and aligning organizational values is a potent approach.


Sierra Learning Solutions are experts at values-driven culture change. We offer three key services that help shift culture and solidify organizational values:

Values Definition

We are continually surprised at how many organizations have a list of values yet cannot define them or explain their purpose. By helping individuals understand what a value is, what it can do, and how it is expressed, we start on the path to culture change. And guess what, there is more than one kind of value!

Values Alignment

We help organizations understand what they hope their future will be and work with their values to align their intentions to their behaviors. Additional alignment is achieved among the personal values their employees bring with them, the differing values that need to exist in various parts of the organization, and the holistic values that should be shared across the entire organization.

Values Drive Behavior and Culture Change

While values themselves are difficult to witness, the behavior that they manifest is not. It is this behavior that either holds culture in place or frees it up to evolve to a better place. We help guide organizations to use values to produce and reinforce behaviors that shift culture.