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Innovations In Strategy Crafting – Ebook
Innovations In Strategy Crafting – Ebook

Innovations in Strategy Crafting is a provocative work for strategists and executives as well as innovators, planners, implementers, and students of strategy and innovation across any industry. Robert Brodnick, Ph.D., a recognized thought leader in the field, draws on his strengths in strategy, innovation, facilitation, design thinking, and organizational development and change to help today’s organizations thrive in a time of uncertainty and complexity. Each chapter contains applicable tools and detailed graphics that the author has used in his work with organizations across industries, at the university level, as the co-founder of Sierra Learning Solutions, and with his collaborators. The author—with help from collaborators—explores the fundamental patterns that compose the world in which we live, how we can apply both the arts and mathematics to strategy, how turbulence can be used constructively when crafting strategy, and what he believes may be the next innovations in strategy crafting.


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