Visioning and Futuring

Who needs this service?

Simply, every organization! In an era of rapid, discontinuous change, smart leaders know that they need to keep their organizations focused on spotting future possibilities. Thinking strategically about this helps organizations understand the various future-oriented time horizons in which strategy can unfold, continually scan the environment for signals of change and new ideas, and adapt to these changes in the external environment.

What do we do?

The team members at Sierra Learning Solutions are experts at helping organizations envision the future and create changes in the present to best reach the destinations they desire.

Establish Horizons

Organizations operate in the recent past, yet strategic thinking is about moving into the future. We help you visualize the future by working with varying time horizons, crafting scenarios and estimating their likelihoods, and gleaning insights from scenarios applicable to today’s strategies.

Scan the Environment

We help you establish a system for detecting environmental signals, separating signals from noise, collecting and archiving information on a frequent basis, and analyzing and applying awareness to current and future effort.

Maintain Inventories

Strategic information requires analyses over time in combination with a large number of complex datasets. We help you maintain strategic data inventories, use them to detect trends and future patterns, and tell visionary stories.

Remain Agile

Strategy is useless without the willingness and ability to adapt to changing conditions. Some organizations turn on a dime and others turn like aircraft carriers. We help you detect disruptive and opportunistic information, prepare for change, and alter strategy to accommodate potential futures.

What value do we create?

Organizations that can clearly see their potential futures show greater success, adapt more readily to changing environments, and create the futures they strive toward.