A Designer’s Approach to Strategy Crafting

Who needs this service?

Leaders of every kind of organization are today facing bigger and more intense challenges than their predecessors. Yet many are still using the strategic planning tools developed for a very different time and place. We offer new tools that are more sensitive to today’s highly dynamic and difficult environment, giving contemporary leaders the tools they need to craft successful strategies.

What do we do?

Sierra Learning Solutions provides end-to-end services for crafting strategy. We offer flexible, customized approaches that combine new techniques drawn from the world of innovation with the best from traditional planning approaches:

Expeditionary Strategy Crafting

Applying design thinking to strategy crafting brings new tools to a critical organizational need and requires four stages in the design process. These distinct but highly interdependent stages provide a sound foundation for a large variety of possible planning tools and experiences. Often lasting three to twelve months or more, what results is a clear roadmap for implementation and a fully engaged organization.

Problem-Based Design

When a clear, or even hazy, problem is the center of the task at hand, we employ our six-stage innovation approach that includes collaborative design; discovery and assessment; divergent thinking and ideation; convergent planning, selecting; prototyping; and implementation, tracking, and adjusting course.

Traditional Strategic Planning

We customize solutions to meet each client’s needs by drawing on proven approaches from long-range scenario planning, to action planning, to designing competitive advantage.

What value do we create?

Our clients experience a profoundly different mindset, increased employee engagement, new skills and perspectives, plans that work and clear implementation pathways ready for action.