Facilitated Experiences

Who needs this service?

Good leaders know the power of bringing people together in groups. Yet too often, they try to facilitate these gatherings or use someone from inside the organization less prepared to do so. With internal and less experienced facilitators, participants hold back and cannot unleash their potential. Using trained, experienced outside facilitators overcomes these problems and dramatically improves meeting outcomes. We elevate your gatherings to a higher level.

What do we do?

Sierra Learning Solutions provides a full spectrum of meeting, retreat, and conference design from our own deep library of creative formats and activities in a highly customized experience.

Workshops and Meetings

Organizations rarely get big impact out of routine meetings. We bring our skills in design and delivery to achieve big impact and outcomes.


Multi-day experiences can be transformative for leadership teams, boards, work groups, or the entire organization. If you are looking for the amazing beyond the ordinary, we can design and deliver the retreat experiences you are looking for.


We have deep experience in designing and delivering convenings on both small and large scales. Our convening design is non-typical and focuses on deep individual learning, group engagement and productivity, and serious play.


The leap from convening 40 people to 1,000 or more at one time is difficult and intimidating. Let us take the pressure off. When you need to scale events to this level we design and deliver profound learning in an active and engaging setting.

What value do we create?

Our clients experience substantial “wow” in our experiences. We take participants far beyond the normal to more creative, profound, and provocative levels. We add further value by bringing involving our deep network of speakers, experts, and specialized facilitators.