Cultivating Communities of Practice

Who needs this service?

When an organization needs to bolster organizational learning along with individual and team capabilities, they can employ communities of practice to accelerate learning. Communities of practice are groups of individuals interacting and working together to learn more about a specific topic. They come together around common interests and expertise and create, share, and apply knowledge within and across teams and organizations. Communities of practice impact culture and help it evolve. The good news is that they can be intentionally cultivated and managed.

What do we do?

Sierra Learning Solutions can help you design, launch, develop, and cultivate communities of practice based on your goals and interests. We follow sound principles to help communities of practice support culture change in your organization.

Personalized Approach

We design the communities for evolution, directed at your organizational needs and open a dialog between multiple inside and outside perspectives.

Focused Engagement

We establish different levels of participation to flexibly meet individual member needs and advise on how to best create both public and private community spaces. We drive value to keep learning and development focused.

Designed for Sustainability

We combine familiarity and excitement to sustain the communities long term and establish a rhythm for the community to thrive.

What value do we create?

Communities of practice create multiple kinds of value. For the individuals that participate, they improve the experience of work in the short term and help professional development in the long run. For organizations, they improve business and learning outcomes in the short term and develop organizational capabilities in the long run.