Capacities for Transformation

Who needs this service?

While we focus on helping new leaders, leaders who are facing significant environmental disruption and change, or those that need to transforming their organizations, we can work with any organization that is experiencing change in its environment. Our tools provide a clear understanding of where you are, how you can best manage change, and what interventions may be required to successfully transform.

What do we do?

Sierra Learning Solutions employs our own Transformational Lens Theory (TLT) as an applied framework for organizational diagnosis and assessment, change through design, and primed interventions to help organizations transform and change. TLT provides multiple lenses that allow for many practical utilities.


TLT provides a potent lens used to illuminate key dimensions of an organization’s potential. Just like a prism separates white light into its component parts, making what was invisible visible, TLT reveals organizational realities in component parts, making it easier to address challenges and harness hidden potential.

Change through Design

Like Alice through the looking glass, change and transformation require us to see things differently, and as a result we are better able to make the necessary shifts in mindsets, perspectives, and habits necessary to create lasting change. TLT identifies levers for change and unpacks them into observable and manageable development pathways for transformation.

Priming for Intervention

Interventions in organizational systems require yet a third lens to peer into the dynamics of the forces that hold us in old, less desirable patterns. Using proven tools for organizational development and change, we help guide organizations along a developmental pathway toward transformation.

What value do we create?

We help our clients clearly see the multiple dimensions of their organizations, design transformations, and provide interventions for focused development resulting in lasting change.