Business Model Innovation

Who needs this service?

Every organization needs to regularly evaluate, improve, and innovate their business models. Innovation generally includes three components: (1) creating something new or using something in a novel way, (2) putting the idea into practice, and (3) generating value through the implementation. Business model innovation, on the other hand, entails generating new business models and taking action to implement them in such a way that value is created for the organization, constituents, stakeholders, customers, society, and other interested parties.

What do we do?

Sierra Learning Solutions employs Alex Osterwalder’s Business Model Canvas to help clients visualize and improve their current business models as well as create new revenue streams.


Graphic representations can help reveal all the existing business models at work in an organization. Even though activities are sometimes not viewed as business model components, if they are creating value in exchange for goods or services then the underlying mechanisms of a business model are at play. Understanding all those inner workings can provide great insight about your organization’s value proposition.


Rigorously evaluating each model and its components, with a look at how they work and interact, can be essential for enhancing or optimizing business models that originated and developed organically.


We offer a process of changing and revising a business model when it no longer works or reaches limits in its effectiveness.

Innovate through Design

Using design principles such as customer insights, ideation, visual thinking, prototyping, storytelling, and scenarios can provide a basis for developing new business models.

What value do we create?

The value of innovation and new revenue generation is tremendous. We help organizations generate the precise value they need at the time they need it.