Rob Brodnick, Ph.D.

I catalyze conversations that change the future.

I bring the best of thought-leadership and expert-practice to help organizations spark thought and ideas, design and achieve their future vision, and navigate change as they focus, strengthen, and transcend current limitations.

My work focuses on four practice areas: strategy, organizational development, innovation and design, and facilitation of all kinds.

You can visit my LinkedIn page to learn more about my background and experiences. You can also view my vitae here.

More about me…

I have worked in the fields of strategy, innovation, and organizational change for three decades and hold special skills in innovation and organizational development, design, and intervention.

I hold a Ph.D. in Psychoeducational Processes from Temple University and enjoy teaching courses in education, the social sciences, and business. I have continuing special interest in innovation, creativity, and design-thinking applications and much of my exploratory work focuses on new models of adult learning to create deep learning and change, both on the individual and group levels.

My real passion is working with groups, large and small. I am an expert facilitator of human process from dyads, to small groups, to large scale retreats and have notable experience with leadership groups, boards, planning bodies, and with strategic and creative solutions. I founded Sierra Learning Solutions, a platform for tools and solutions to support organizational and individual change. I continue as an active leader of AMI, a 40 year old innovation learning community.

My career has taken me across many industries, but much of my time has been spent leading learning organizations. In my role as a university administrator, I served three universities over a twenty-year career that focused on building institutional capacity and creating impactful outcomes. I managed technological implementation of business intelligence, data warehousing, security, learning systems, analytics, and program innovation. I established and led offices of institutional research, strategic planning, institutional effectiveness, assessment and program review, institutional accreditation, enrollment management to include retention, admissions, financial aid and registrar functions, and sustainability. In 2009, I was honored by the Society for College and University Planning with their award for Institutional Innovation and Integration.

Sierra Learning Solutions Collaborators

While I sometimes work on my own, much of my work involves teams of collaborators. You can learn more about my colleagues here, the work they do, and how they might help with your current problems and aspirations.

Daniel Kaynor

Catalyst of the Amazing

Danielle is my partner in AMI design and leadership. She is an innovation consultant with her own company as well as Chief Delivery Officer with Creative Realities. Danielle is an expert in innovation, organizational change, creativity, and facilitation dynamics.

Andrew Bennett


Andrew seeks to ignite the spirit, free the mind, and build the cultures necessary help individuals and organizations transform. He's a magician, leadership coach, inspirational speaker.

Larry Goldstein

Czar of Strategy, Resource management, and Organizational Assessment

Larry is a long-time leader of higher education communities and I like to call him the CFO of CFOs. Larry and I collaborate on writings about the future of higher education and change. His work focuses on both public and independent colleges and universities, state system/coordinating/governing boards, consortia and associations, as well as commercial entities serving campuses – essentially anything to do with planning, strategic resource allocation, resource management model development, or analyzing the financial health of an institution.

Don Norris

Strategy and Transformation Guru

Don is a leader is transformation and change and has special focus in work with higher education, nonprofits, and the technology industries. Don and I often partner on strategy and change projects for colleges and universities.

Karyn Zuidinga

Digital Futures and Design

Karyn and I co-host the Positive Turbulence Podcast and explore ways that traditional approaches can be translated to technology mediated experiences, especially working with younger audiences. Karyn is CEO of Next Wave Innovation

David Culton

Makes the Invisible, Visable

David brings his considerable talents in the areas of cultural dynamics, visual & verbal communication, and psychology to the world of innovation. David’s background in psychology, creativity and gift for communicating in new worlds has served him and his clients since 1997. David applies his unique cultural, communication and teaching skills as trainer, guide and advisor on a wide range of innovation programs and his passion for demonstrating the many ways innovation can be applied.